Scholarships, how to find them

Yuan Wang, Staff Writer

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There are a lot of resources provided for you for scholarship information. You can search the web which is the most common way. There are a couple of websites that provide in-depth information on scholarships such as the following: Fastweb,, Big future.scholarship. These websites are very beneficial because they tend to answer all questions you may have in mind. Another resource I recommend is your own school. It is the easiest way to obtain information and the counselors are available Monday-Friday in the office to answer any questions as well. (Last name A-Dis Ms.Miriam Velez, for last name E-Lo, is Ms.Noemi Huitron, and for the last names, Lu-Q is Ms.Julie Andrade and for the last name R-Z is Ms.Raquel Ornelas). If counselors don’t seem to be doing you can always book an appointment on!


Another resource is to ask someone who has applied for the specific scholarship you are interested in such as a family member, an older friend, or even a guest speaker. Ask for information about their experience when applying for these scholarships. However, don’t always go based off their experiences, as different scholarships may have different requirements.

Most importantly, keep in mind is that you must be up to date when it comes to scholarship openings and their deadlines. These dates vary of course so make sure you do proper research. Don’t lose your opportunity for free money, and try your hardest to maintain your grades as high as possible so that you don’t have an economic difficulty in going to your dream school!