Mt. Pleasant’s Football Team

September 20, 2018

Mt. Pleasant’s football team is one of a kind. They have the strongest spirit in all the school. Thriving to overcome any challenge present to them, they have the support the entire school.

Mt. Pleasant’s football team is formed by the brightest the school has to offer. They have accomplished to form strategies to outmaneuver the competition. Each player makes an effort to learn and improve from their mistakes and each other. Due to this, they have strengthened their defense, offense, and overall style of play.

However, recently the team seems to be having a rough patch. In the past few weeks, the football team has been defeated three times at home games. Maybe some of the team needs to be a bit more dedicated and show more grit in their plays. Perhaps the new team coach will keep them focus on the game. The new football coach, Coach B has high hopes these young players.


“They are a talented team, with a strong skill set. And they are young which will help the team.” – Coach B


It appears that Coach B believes the youth of the team will help in upcoming games, along with their strong skill set. Although they haven’t exactly won any of the games they have participated in Coach B stated that the team has been improving and making serious progress.

“More physical and confident, progress!” Some words used to describe the results being outputted by the team. And it seems his tactics seem to be working. In the past few games they played – although they lost all of them – the team has been scoring more and more points with each new game. If they continue on the track they’re on, they could become unstoppable in future games. All that’s left is for the team to keep focused on the game as well as making sure they keep their grades in good condition.

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