Clubs On Campus

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Clubs On Campus

With multiple students roaming around the campus, looking lost or not knowing what to do as they wait to be picked up which could take hours as well as not willing to do sports or simply just can’t. Most students won’t take the time to look around the see what kind of clubs are available for them to join and make friends. Let’s take a look about some of the clubs that are pretty active and will happily take new members and meet new friends.


League Club

Whether you like playing League of Legends or any other computer game that’s available for Mac, or just looking to do some work in a space with Internet access and students willing to help, the League Club would be a fitting club to join. Located in the Math hallway in room 214 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Mr. Nguyen hosts League Club available to everyone! Anyone can come Tuesday and not be forced to show up on Thursday It’s based on your schedule . It’s said that they are planning to add in the Nintendo Switch so parties can play games such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers. There’s only one rule, no food or drinks are allowed to prevent slip ups.

  • President: Armando Guevara
  • Vice President: Brandon Huynh


Do you enjoy Latino culture? How about some amazing dances? Well then perhaps Folklorico club is something you might want to take a look into, with their love for the culture and performing arts. Anyone can join, especially guys since they’re looking for them to join their dances! Practices are every other day starting right after 7th period, with Mondays till 3:00 pm and Wednesday and Fridays till 4:00 pm. Practices are mandatory if you would like to perform during rallies and other events the club hosts. If you’re interested in being a part of the club and meeting new people, Feel free to ask their advisor, Ms. Hernandez, in room 615 if you have questions about Folklorico.

  • Co-Presidents: Debra Chantal Avelar-Castaneda & Jazmin Citlali Mendoza
  • Vice President: Sofia X. Guerrero

Korean Club

Are you a fan of KPOP? How about the popular dances you see all the time? Well Korean Club might be just what you’re looking for. The club is focused towards covering KPOP dances so they can later on perform them during the rallies such as Multi and Welcome Back. They are a very active club with practices held pretty much everyday after school unless something comes up. If something does come up you would know about since they like to add members to their group chat; which is often used to let members know times practices have been canceled. They encourage their members take part of their practices but if you don’t want to then it’s perfectly fine. You’ll just be less likely to perform in events they participate in, as decided by the president. Club advisor Mr. Odilon is in room 210, so if you think this club fits you or just like to dance a lot make sure to stop by to ask him for anymore further information.

  • President: Trish Nguyen
  • Vice: Kathy Le

Chinese Vietnamese Club (CVC)

Lastly we have another performance club that also focuses on spreading awareness about asian culture to our community. CVC performs in multiple rallies such as Multicultural, Farewell, Welcome Back and just to name a couple. However their most significant event is their annual Night Production. Where they showcase their asian culture through dancing, singing and skit performances. They also hold bondings like Chinese New Year’s and Christmas, the purpose of these bondings is  to socialize with the other members and meet new people if performing isn’t really your thing. Though their meetings are not mandatory, is it highly advise to attend them in order to to keep up with dates like bondings or big events such as Night Production or rallies. They also hold practices for their performances but the CVC officers assign dance leaders to make up the dates and times. So it’s hard to give a precise date for these practices, however, they typically try to get at least 2-3 practices throughout the week. For time frame, it all depends it could be from 4:30 pm and 5:00 pm, also note that these are mandatory practices. Mr. Dang  the advisor, located in the science department in room 406 would be happy to guide you to any more answers you might be looking for.

  • President: Antonio Kobe Lopez
  • Vice President: Leslie Tang


After reading about just a few of the clubs available on campus maybe one these might intrigue you. Not all clubs are performing arts clubs, many range from gaming, food, anime, and so on. With over 20 clubs to attend too, which one will you be joining?