Schizophrenia – Poetry

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Gasping for air,

With desperation in his eyes,

He keeps running,

Not realizing it’s already in his brain.

Images of his own bloody self-sacrifice are constantly in his mind,

Of cutting himself and banging his head against the wall.

He’s screaming and baring his teeth as he fights through the pain.

As much as he wants it to stop,

The parasites have seeped their venom in him.

He is having delusions of his loved ones abandoning him,

And has voices in his head repeating that he’s useless.


His body is becoming catatonic

And is now having disorganized thoughts

Of his family yelling at him to stop.

He keeps trying to fight the pain,

And as he glances down his body,

He realizes that he had been bitten.

It’s only a matter of time before his brain completely deteriorates.

He sobs harshly as he twitches with anxiety.

His mind continues to jump from one unrelated thought to another.

He knows it’s too late–

The venom has consumed him.


Suddenly, he stops.

He shows no expression.

He looks down at his arm where the bite subsides,

And he mumbles incoherently.

He stumbles to the ground with his eyes close,

And felt his body shut down.

He knows it’s too late–

He has lost control.


–Veronica Juares